How to use ColoVantage Home

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Congratulations for making the decision to complete this bowel screen test. You need only two samples of toilet water taken from around your stool on two separate occasions.The good news is there is no faecal handling and you don't have to scoop any solid matter. Using the brush provided lightly brush the surface of the stool and water around the stool and paint it onto the Test Card.

We have created this video and instruction illustrations to guide you through the process step by step.

If you still have questions, please call 1800 55 65 75. 

ColoVantage Home test instructions

  • Take these instructions, your Information Sheet, with the barcode labels, Brush Kit and Test Card into the bathroom.
  • Flush toilet BEFORE your bowel movement.
  • After your bowel movement, DO NOT PLACE USED TOILET PAPER IN THE TOILET BOWL. Instead, put the used toilet paper in one of the blue waste bags from the brush kit envelope.
  • DO NOT FLUSH the toilet.
  • Lift the flap marked "LIFT HERE FOR SAMPLE 1" on the Test Card to uncover the small white square marked "SAMPLE 1".
  • Using one of the blue brushes, gently brush the surface of the stool (faeces) for about five seconds.
  • If the stool is loose, simply stir the water around the stool.
  • Remove the brush from the water and gently shake it once to remove excess water and any clumps of stool.
  • Transfer the WATER sample by gently dabbing the bristles of the brush onto the small white square on the Test Card for about five seconds (some staining of the square may occur).
  • Put the used brush in the blue waste bag and put the bag in your rubbish bin.
  • Close the flap back over "SAMPLE 1" and stick barcode labels located on the Information Sheet.
  • See diagrams above for the correct way to position the label.
  • For another (later) bowel movement, use the second blue brush, blue waste bag and the Test Card flap marked "SAMPLE 2", and repeat steps 1 to 5 as shown.
  • Use the second barcode label to reseal flap marked "SAMPLE 2".
  • Complete the Information Sheet including payment details.
  • Place the Test Card and Information Sheet in the Reply Paid Envelope.
  • Mail the envelope so it is received by the lab within 14 days of the date you collected SAMPLE 1.
  • Your results will be mailed to you and your nominated doctor.

What does this test detect?

This test detects traces of blood that may be released from colorectal diseases in the bowel motion. Conditions such as colitis, diverticulitis, haemorrhoids and fissures may also cause bleeding. If you have any concerns please discuss your condition with your GP.

If you have any concerns or see blood in the toilet bowl or suspect a medical problem, please speak with your doctor immediately.

Screening saves lives.